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Initially I spun up one Linode in the US and one in the UK. I wasn't too surprised that the UK Linode didn't have IPv6, but I set out to find another one that did. I gave their Tokyo data center a shot, but came up empty there as well. Finally I checked their IPv6 page and found the best I could do for the moment was one in the eastern US. Now I've got us0 and us1, as far south and east as I can get them. I'll keep an eye on the IPv6 page and push another to whichever of London or Tokyo gets IPv6 first.

I don't have IPv6 at home yet (and knowing Shaw, won't for another decade) and Carat is still working on some IPv6 deployment issues, so it's good to have two well-connected machines with v6 to play on.

on 2011-10-02 16:40 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] http://openid.netinertia.co.uk/jamesog
If you want to use another IPv6-enabled host I can give you a shell on my FreeBSD box in London.

on 2011-10-02 16:41 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] http://openid.netinertia.co.uk/jamesog
... and happy to run services from that box for you if you want :-)

on 2011-10-04 20:23 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] http://openid.netinertia.co.uk/jamesog
The offer's open if you ever need it :-)

And I know what you mean - I use my London and German colos for testing things at work occasionally - usually if I'm making major DNS or firewall changes.


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