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One thing I really miss about being active on Freebase is doing the bird data thing. There was a lot there to begin with, and I added a lot more of it. I'm no longer active on Freebase for a variety of reasons, and I've been kind of missing the data thing.

Rather than give it up entirely, I'm building my own data set from scratch. It's a much more limited data set than Freebase's, but it's within reason for me to compile and maintain. I'm not using Freebase, Wikipedia, or any other aggregation site as a source. I've got the first few test entries published, mostly as a test of BuzzData's sense of humour when it comes to my workflow. So far, so good.

The NCBI and ITIS data comes right from the source, and the IUCN statuses are checked across a couple of common sites. The four-letter codes come right from the IBP, and so on and so forth -- I'm not stealing someone else's aggregate data and passing it off as data I've compiled. To the best of my ability to tell I'm permitted to use the information in this way. If I'm wrong, let me know.

I'll be building it up several entries at a time. Expect it to contain a useful amount of data in a few months or so.

ETA: Workflow changed -- now doing it on the iPad. It can be my morning commuter ferry task.


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