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Successfully reviewed my first patch for the Dreamwidth codebase today. I managed not to destroy anything, and even inspired [personal profile] sophie to release a script. This saved me creating another 100 users by hand, thereby making my day. :)

I think I'm going to concentrate on code review as opposed to writing code, at least for the time being. There's obviously lots of talent going into writing code, but I know there aren't enough code review hands on deck. I'll put my effort where it's needed most.

In other news, my body is doing the "you need to give me insulin" aches even after I've given it ample insulin. It does this every so often for no apparent reason. Ow, my muscles. :(
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Had my second (and apparently last) endocrinology appointment for the year today. hg A1C is heading in the right direction, *DL is right where it should be, K is a bit high (no doubt due to over-consumption of Diet Pepsi -- got to find some sucralose-sweetened cola with a heap of caffeine), but it won't kill me. It's just an outlying number that the endocrinologist couldn't explain until I pointed the source out to him. I've managed to drop my insulin doses by 30-50% and bring the numbers to a much more consistent state than they were before.

A lot of this is no doubt due to cutting out the gluten. Before it seemed that there was a hidden factor that affected me on a day-by-day, and often meal-by-meal basis -- it just seemed that consistent dosing brought inconsistent results. Looking back it seems likely that was a reaction to the gluten causing my digestion to do dodgy things. I feel a heck of a lot better now that I'm off the stuff, anyway.


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