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Lots of ups and downs. Today marked six years on the job with $dayjob. Well, technically yesterday did, but people are enamoured with this particular off-by-one error, so I'll roll with it. Still missing Suzie a lot. I was looking forward to having her at the wedding when R and I get married, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Fireworks are currently pissing me off beyond belief -- why is it okay for cretins to run about with explosives and generally be irresponsible with them? Police here in North Vancouver don't tend to do a lot of enforcement, but that's par for the course here for just about everything. Fun chats in IRC tonight, but I have stuck my foot in my mouth more times than I care to admit. Today just isn't a people day, I guess...
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Okay, perhaps it's not insanity in the traditional sense, but it is pretty intense.

In no particular order, the last few weeks have involved my stepmother passing, many late nights, a fair amount of playing Glitch to keep my mind off things, upping my Ubuntu learning curve, upping my AWS learning curve, and a bunch of other stuff that's no less important but for some reason isn't coming to mind at the moment.

Rather than do my usual thing and go into detail on each of these, I'm just going to leave them and move forward. I'm happy to go into detail on any of them on request, though.
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Not for me, obviously. For the kidlet.

He's apparently got some good teachers this year, which is a relief -- I wanted to (verbally) rip apart his phys-ed teacher last year. She seemed to be unhappy she couldn't push him into having a full-blown seizure (he is epileptic).

This year he's got a digital media course and is apparently taking pre-calculus, which is a really good step for him, given that he was in assisted math last year. I'd better get out my books, because I sense some time helping with homework in the near future...
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It's the last day of my vacation. Thankfully, only two more days 'til the next weekend. \o/

This weekend (if my shipment of tuits comes in) I'm going to start a couple of Arctic-retrospective entries. The first will be the few weeks I spent in Pelly Bay, NT (now NU) as a teen, and the second will be the two and a half and a bit years I spent actually living and working in Hay River, NT. The first is one of those teenage magical stories filled with good people and education, despite the fact that I was desperately trying to sabotage myself in everything I did at that time. The second is a distinctly non-magical adult story with some good folks, some assholes, and me trying my darndest to get my life back on track despite a couple of disappointing upsets. So really, they're near opposite stories. These will also be my first locked entries, so ping me if you want access to read them and you're not already on my list.


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