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Things have been very interesting as we've been dog-sitting for R's folks. The dogs now get on much better than they did -- we don't have to separate them any more to get them to calm down. Their dog is apparently regressing a bit further back into puppyhood, as evidenced by accidents in the house. None last week, but a number in the past few days. Annoying, but survivable.

They're definitely learning each other's bad habits, though. I'm expecting to have to spend a few days rehabilitating Bella after all is said and done.
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Dog-sitting for the in-laws is the order of the next couple of weeks. The dog is a cockapoo, heavy on the poodle. He's also pretty high-energy. Combine that with my dog (who's a Boston terrier x American cocker spaniel), and you've got a pretty energetic few hours of play on your hands. We're hoping they tire themselves out quickly and get on with flopping over on the couch.
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I've been trying to do more coding on the weekends, and I now think this is a mistake. Weekends need to be for resting and just doing whatever, not for trying to cram in whatever I don't get time to do during the week. I nuked the Yabba repo -- nothing of value there, and it'll never get used now that I'm on DW.

The doglet got fed wheat crackers a couple of days ago and now she has a patch of irritated skin on her tummy. This makes three times in the last several months she's gotten her paws on something with gluten and three times her body's reacted in exactly the same way. At least we know for sure what's causing it now.

Went to Sushi Katsu (or is it Katsu Sushi? It's not a name that makes much sense, anyway) for dinner tonight. It's the only sushi place I've found that keeps gluten-free soy sauce on hand, so they get a great big gold star. The food was good, as usual, and the place was hoppin' busy. Given that I eat sushi five days per week at work you'd think I'd be bored of it come the weekend, but fortunately that's not the case.

No bites on the positive-attitude-LGBTQ queries here or on Twitter. Not surprising, I guess. So many communities are so slanted towards the LG end of things so it'd be interesting to find one that leaned toward the BTQ end.


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