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A decade or so ago I had a handheld amateur radio unit and was getting ready for my advanced amateur license test. This process ended when I got in the car one day, only to discover that someone had broken in and stolen the unit from the glovebox -- on the only night it had ever been left in there.

Now someone (okay, it was [personal profile] sophie) got me all interested in radio again, especially the scanning end of things. I was fond of scanning before, but now that scanner to PC interfaces are much more advanced, I think I could really get into it now.

My favourite unit so far is the Kenwood TH-F6A, which is a transceiver with a continuous 0.01 to ~1.3GHz receive capability (minus the mobile phone frequencies, of course). I could scan happily until I do my advanced test and get my license, then use it for VECTOR events, keeping in touch with my mom and stepfather when they're on the road, and so on.

I definitely can't afford that right now, though. Hopefully bonus time will provide just enough extra money to make it possible.

on 2011-09-12 23:58 (UTC)
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Huh, neat. Ham radio is something I've wanted to get into since being a teenager, but I've never managed to scrape together the cash for a transceiver setup or the time to study for the exams. Maybe one day =)


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