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In a move that stunned everyone who's heard of the LCL's fetish for not liking Linux, it decided to reverse its previous position and start working fine. As if that wasn't enough strangeness, it did it with a current distro.

Fedora 15 is its distro of choice, which is nice, given that it's mine as well. It appears that F15 got the correct Ralink driver and/or firmware added to the update stream sometime in the last weeks, and during the same period the ATI driver install script was fixed so it would install properly. The end result is a mostly-happy little lappie with a working wireless subsystem and the LCD firmly in "don't strobe" mode.

This makes me inordinately happy, as it now means I can use the operating system I actually want to use without having to boot Windows, start VirtualBox, boot Linux, and deal with such crappy performance that I wanted to tear my hair out, regardless of whether or not I have any. It also shows that if you have an AMD APU (like the E-350 in the LCL), the proprietary drivers are the way to go. Fortunately, this detail doesn't bother me as much as it bothers some other folks.


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