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Like most new language standards, C++11 currently lacks a book describing what's new and giving some examples. Sure, you can skip from site to site and blog to blog and put it together for yourself, but I'd rather spend more time learning than searching.

I did some searching for books that might fit the bill and found two.

C++ Primer Plus, Sixth Edition wasn't in the top search results, but it's the one I bought based on the reputation of earlier editions. It's currently in pre-publication "rough cut" phase, but O'Reilly lets readers follow as the book's being worked on. Needless to say, I'm a big fan of that way of doing things! I don't need perfect information just yet -- I just need a bunch of pushes in the right direction.

The other book I found is Professional C++, 2nd Edition. I'm not as familiar with Wrox books as I am with O'Reilly, and I didn't see any sort of early access program. This book is also probably slightly ahead of my C++ skill level, as I still need the occasional extra bit of information to get things to click. At any rate, this book is due to be published in October.

At any rate, I'm happy to have something to work from. If you know what the perfect next step after C++ Primer Plus is, please let me know.
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